WXRT’s Terri Hemmert Enters The NRHOF

3 Nov

Official news from Chicago’s WXRT 93.1FM:

“This weekend, our own Terri Hemmert will be inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame, acknowledging her incredible achievements as one of the country’s legendary air personalities. Coincidentally, today also marks the anniversary of Terri’s first radio show on WXRT back in 1973. Although she certainly deserves every accolade that she has received throughout her storied career, it’s really Terri’s sense of humanity that distinguishes her from the rest. As any of her friends, neighbors, or colleagues will readily admit, Terri’s honesty, generosity, and genuine concern for others makes her a remarkable human being by any conventional standard. She is known for being thoughtful, encouraging, enlightening, supportive, and sympathetic, while remaining completely true to her ideals. As a mentor, teacher, or co-conspirator, there is really no one who compares with the tireless efforts she’s willing to expend for others. And when she’s off the air, the sound of her hearty laughter prompts us to run down the hall to find out what we’re missing. Congratulations Terri on being XRT’s first (and only) Hall of Famer! As far as we’re concerned, you’ve already been on a pedestal for quite some time!” wxrt.com

I’ve grown up listening to “our” Terri on the radio and have had the pleasure of meeting her as well. During my time at Columbia College Chicago (1987-89) I often saw her in the cafeteria and halls. She was always kind, and more than happy to exchange niceties with the students.  I cannot count how many Sundays were set in perfect tone due to my starting them off with WXRT’s/Terri’s weekly ‘Breakfast With The Beatles‘.  Many cities picked up the program, but I’d have a hard time believing anyone else could host the segments better.

Congratulations, Terri!

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