News From The Godfathers

8 Nov

The GodfathersPeter Coyne has informed me that “The Godfathers released a 24 track live CD/DVD ‘Shot Live At The 100 Club’ last Monday & The Godfathers ALSO have a NEW album being released NEXT year.” How exciting!

According to the band’s official MySpace page:  “Shot Live At The 100 Club’: 24 track CD/DVD double pack recorded & filmed at London’s historic 100 Club on 17th June to celebrate our 25th anniversary. We really were on blistering, red-hot form that night & this superb live collection perfectly captures & encapsulates The Godfathers’ in concert experience. Put succinctly, it’s a classic live album/DVD, by a classic live band, recorded & filmed at a classic live venue. Every home should own a copy!!
‘Shot Live At The 100 Club’ – TRACKLISTING:
1. Public Enemy Number One 2. I Want Everything 3. Cause I Said So 4. I Can’t Sleep Tonight 5. Love Is Dead 6. Just Because You’re Not Paranoid Doesn’t Mean To Say They’re Not Going To Get You! 7. Can’t Leave Her Alone 8. She Gives Me Love 9. (Happy Birthday) 10. When Am I Coming Down 11. This Is War 12. I Want You 13. How Does It Feel To Feel 14. I’m Branded 15. Lonely Man 16. Back Into The Future 17. Walking Talking Johnny Cash Blues 18. How Low is Low 19. Hup 2 3 4 20. This Damn Nation 21. Birth School Work Death 22. Brand New Cadillac 23. I’m Unsatisfied 24. Cold Turkey
The Godfathers ‘Shot Live At The 100 Club’ is available NOW for £11.99 from all bespoke music retailers on Secret Records (Cat No SECDP027) & also & other purveyors of fine music.”

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