Joshua English

9 Nov

Official press release excerpt:

“A relentless troubadour who calls both Portland and Boston home, Joshua English Unleashes his Thorny, Yet Sweet Exploration Over Delicate Americana-Roots Arrangements on Lay Bare Your Bones.

Joshua English is a modern day troubadour with roots in both Portland, Oregon and Boston Massachusetts. Culling inspiration from Raymond Carver, perpetual motion, and oceans of black coffee, his new record, Lay Bare Your Bones, presents a unique brand of cynicism and leads a novel exploration of life’s ironies.

With influences spanning Sam Cooke to Public Enemy, English’s forthcoming release reveals core threads of Brit-folk weaved over stylistic leanings akin to Chuck Ragan and Billy Bragg. Whether the understated and meandering beauty of “Nickel In” or the over-caffeinated, somebody-done-somebody-wrong sensibility of “River Rising Quickly,” this collection of songs is woven together tightly, in the classic tradition of a cohesive LP.”

I had the pleasure of listening to a few tracks this morning and especially gravitated to the songs ‘Danny Drugs (In C# Major)’ and ‘M-LV’. ‘Nickel In’ and ‘In Hospitals’, with their vulnerable tones, are other highlights. There is an early Peter Himmelman quality to Joshua that I find very appealing.  A lot of feeling is infused in this music, and the connection between you and the music forms seamlessly. You can check his music out HERE (click on the ‘launch music player’ in the upper right corner of homepage).


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