New From Airmodular

9 Nov

Official press release:

Airmodular, the wildly dynamic and innovative NYC Electronic band, has just released its new EP, aptly titled, Resistance.

This latest collection includes a number of introspective and eclectic electronic rock tunes with a thematic connection. Within each exist characters engaged in personal struggles against their inner demons, fears and hangups, but as always, the music is uplifting even when the subject matter might be serious in nature.

Normally known for the intricately woven musical style, nearly always involving electronic instruments, including a variety of keyboards and percussion, the introduction of a textured electric guitar element here sets this collection apart from anything Airmodular has done before.

Another change involves the vocals, which on this collection feature Sueyoung Yoo’s vocal contributions more prominently alongside those of Cy Donovan’s, and when they sing together, which they do on nearly all the tracks, it is in an “exquisite harmonic unison.”

The sweet and seductive Sueyoung grabs lead vocal honors on songs like the sexy Goldfrapp-inspired ‘Money Train’ and ‘Stained Glass’.  While Cy Donovan’s low-end vocals wail out on the songs ‘Some Things Never Change’ and the catchy and hypnotic ‘Roller Coaster’.

Here in a single collection, Airmodular resurrects various musical styles from the past, and the listener is taken on an amazing journey through the decades. Their EP, Resistence is an homage of sorts to all the popular bands from the 80s and the 90s to the present, yet in a way it is also a sort of Declaration of Independence – one dedicated to musical influences of the band’s past.

The collection, Resistance by Airmodular is now available on ITunes.”

Check out some of the new tracks HERE!

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