Chicago Trio: Netherfriends

9 Nov
Official press release excerpt:

“Netherfriends have spent the fall checking off states on the 50 Songs 50 States tour! The tour and recordings continue, but their van does not as the Netherfriends’ trusty van blew up in New Jersey – check out the van’s final resting place and this live video from the Netherfriends’ tour shot in Richmond, VA for a glimpse into the national musical comradery.

Netherfriends’ debut LP Barry and Sherry will see a November 9 vinyl release through the Lateral Label.”

Visit them on MySpace.

New From Airmodular

9 Nov

Official press release:

Airmodular, the wildly dynamic and innovative NYC Electronic band, has just released its new EP, aptly titled, Resistance.

This latest collection includes a number of introspective and eclectic electronic rock tunes with a thematic connection. Within each exist characters engaged in personal struggles against their inner demons, fears and hangups, but as always, the music is uplifting even when the subject matter might be serious in nature.

Normally known for the intricately woven musical style, nearly always involving electronic instruments, including a variety of keyboards and percussion, the introduction of a textured electric guitar element here sets this collection apart from anything Airmodular has done before.

Another change involves the vocals, which on this collection feature Sueyoung Yoo’s vocal contributions more prominently alongside those of Cy Donovan’s, and when they sing together, which they do on nearly all the tracks, it is in an “exquisite harmonic unison.”

The sweet and seductive Sueyoung grabs lead vocal honors on songs like the sexy Goldfrapp-inspired ‘Money Train’ and ‘Stained Glass’.  While Cy Donovan’s low-end vocals wail out on the songs ‘Some Things Never Change’ and the catchy and hypnotic ‘Roller Coaster’.

Here in a single collection, Airmodular resurrects various musical styles from the past, and the listener is taken on an amazing journey through the decades. Their EP, Resistence is an homage of sorts to all the popular bands from the 80s and the 90s to the present, yet in a way it is also a sort of Declaration of Independence – one dedicated to musical influences of the band’s past.

The collection, Resistance by Airmodular is now available on ITunes.”

Check out some of the new tracks HERE!

Belgium’s Secret Wish

9 Nov

Official press release excerpt:

“Secret Wish (Belgium Electronic / Dance duo) are gaining a reputation in their home country and across Europe for putting a smile on peoples faces with their pure bubble gum dance music. Their new single ‘Flick of a Switch‘ is already creating attention world wide from a number of Dance labels and most recently entered the German DJ charts. The duo have already been featured on TV shows throughout Europe and will shortly be traveling to Paris, France for an interview at radio station NRJ‘s headquarters. As well as all of this exposure, Secret Wish also appeared on Belgium beauty contest Look of the Year increasing their profile even further in their home country.”

Check out ‘Flick of the Switch’ here:

Joshua English

9 Nov

Official press release excerpt:

“A relentless troubadour who calls both Portland and Boston home, Joshua English Unleashes his Thorny, Yet Sweet Exploration Over Delicate Americana-Roots Arrangements on Lay Bare Your Bones.

Joshua English is a modern day troubadour with roots in both Portland, Oregon and Boston Massachusetts. Culling inspiration from Raymond Carver, perpetual motion, and oceans of black coffee, his new record, Lay Bare Your Bones, presents a unique brand of cynicism and leads a novel exploration of life’s ironies.

With influences spanning Sam Cooke to Public Enemy, English’s forthcoming release reveals core threads of Brit-folk weaved over stylistic leanings akin to Chuck Ragan and Billy Bragg. Whether the understated and meandering beauty of “Nickel In” or the over-caffeinated, somebody-done-somebody-wrong sensibility of “River Rising Quickly,” this collection of songs is woven together tightly, in the classic tradition of a cohesive LP.”

I had the pleasure of listening to a few tracks this morning and especially gravitated to the songs ‘Danny Drugs (In C# Major)’ and ‘M-LV’. ‘Nickel In’ and ‘In Hospitals’, with their vulnerable tones, are other highlights. There is an early Peter Himmelman quality to Joshua that I find very appealing.  A lot of feeling is infused in this music, and the connection between you and the music forms seamlessly. You can check his music out HERE (click on the ‘launch music player’ in the upper right corner of homepage).

Free 16-Song Download

9 Nov

Free digitial download of  ‘Home Volume 2‘ (various artists): “Immediate download of 16-track album in your choice of 320k mp3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.” Courtesy of Rash Records.

Some of the artists include Orwell, Bobby Wotnot featuring Snippet, Cult of Wedge, Toodar, Better Fires, Mank, The Poems, and many more!

News From The Godfathers

8 Nov

The GodfathersPeter Coyne has informed me that “The Godfathers released a 24 track live CD/DVD ‘Shot Live At The 100 Club’ last Monday & The Godfathers ALSO have a NEW album being released NEXT year.” How exciting!

According to the band’s official MySpace page:  “Shot Live At The 100 Club’: 24 track CD/DVD double pack recorded & filmed at London’s historic 100 Club on 17th June to celebrate our 25th anniversary. We really were on blistering, red-hot form that night & this superb live collection perfectly captures & encapsulates The Godfathers’ in concert experience. Put succinctly, it’s a classic live album/DVD, by a classic live band, recorded & filmed at a classic live venue. Every home should own a copy!!
‘Shot Live At The 100 Club’ – TRACKLISTING:
1. Public Enemy Number One 2. I Want Everything 3. Cause I Said So 4. I Can’t Sleep Tonight 5. Love Is Dead 6. Just Because You’re Not Paranoid Doesn’t Mean To Say They’re Not Going To Get You! 7. Can’t Leave Her Alone 8. She Gives Me Love 9. (Happy Birthday) 10. When Am I Coming Down 11. This Is War 12. I Want You 13. How Does It Feel To Feel 14. I’m Branded 15. Lonely Man 16. Back Into The Future 17. Walking Talking Johnny Cash Blues 18. How Low is Low 19. Hup 2 3 4 20. This Damn Nation 21. Birth School Work Death 22. Brand New Cadillac 23. I’m Unsatisfied 24. Cold Turkey
The Godfathers ‘Shot Live At The 100 Club’ is available NOW for £11.99 from all bespoke music retailers on Secret Records (Cat No SECDP027) & also & other purveyors of fine music.”

WXRT’s Terri Hemmert Enters The NRHOF

3 Nov

Official news from Chicago’s WXRT 93.1FM:

“This weekend, our own Terri Hemmert will be inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame, acknowledging her incredible achievements as one of the country’s legendary air personalities. Coincidentally, today also marks the anniversary of Terri’s first radio show on WXRT back in 1973. Although she certainly deserves every accolade that she has received throughout her storied career, it’s really Terri’s sense of humanity that distinguishes her from the rest. As any of her friends, neighbors, or colleagues will readily admit, Terri’s honesty, generosity, and genuine concern for others makes her a remarkable human being by any conventional standard. She is known for being thoughtful, encouraging, enlightening, supportive, and sympathetic, while remaining completely true to her ideals. As a mentor, teacher, or co-conspirator, there is really no one who compares with the tireless efforts she’s willing to expend for others. And when she’s off the air, the sound of her hearty laughter prompts us to run down the hall to find out what we’re missing. Congratulations Terri on being XRT’s first (and only) Hall of Famer! As far as we’re concerned, you’ve already been on a pedestal for quite some time!”

I’ve grown up listening to “our” Terri on the radio and have had the pleasure of meeting her as well. During my time at Columbia College Chicago (1987-89) I often saw her in the cafeteria and halls. She was always kind, and more than happy to exchange niceties with the students.  I cannot count how many Sundays were set in perfect tone due to my starting them off with WXRT’s/Terri’s weekly ‘Breakfast With The Beatles‘.  Many cities picked up the program, but I’d have a hard time believing anyone else could host the segments better.

Congratulations, Terri!